How buying an electric car helps combat climate change, saves you money, and keeps you at the forefront of technology!

Climate change is an increasing worry and discussion we can no longer ignore. We can empower ourselves by making informed decisions in what we purchase. Electric Cars and electric car chargers are an excellent option to reduce your carbon footprint and with electric cars becoming cheaper and more accessible, now is a good time to consider owning an electric car. In our business history, Electrika installed one of the first electric car chargers in Montreal in 2012. We installed 2-3 chargers that year. Fast forward to today: we are installing 3-4 electric car chargers A WEEK in the greater Montreal region. Speaking to the different homeowners we have installed the chargers for we have found 3 main reasons they have decided to go from gas to electric and here is why you should too!

Electric cars help fight climate change especially in Quebec

There seems to be some skepticism in the environmental impact of electric cars. While there are no emissions from the car there is emissions from the chimney of the nearest power generating station but lucky for us we live in Quebec. Quebec’s electricity supply is one of the most eco friendly in the world. Over 90 % of our energy is derived from water. Creating energy from water is clean and does not damage the environment.

At the time of writing this article federal environment commissioner Julie Gelfand has warned that “Canada is not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions despite mounting evidence that the country is vulnerable to rapid warming”. It can be hard to HEAR this type of news, because it can cause a sense of helplessness in feeling like we can make a difference. However small decisions add up to big changes. Choosing an electric car is not only beneficial to your household budget but to the climate policy makers as well. Here are some other ways electric cars help us save the environment

● They also have less noise so less noise pollution
● While manufacturing an electric car takes more resources than a conventional gas powered
car, research has indicated that this is offset by the savings in emissions
● Electric cars are more efficient converting approximately 60% of their electrical energy to
power the vehicle whereas gas powered vehicles only convert approximately 20%
● Electric cars have better fuel efficiency then gas-powered vehicles
Electric Cars Save you Money $$$$ especially in Quebec!


Electric Cars Save you Money especially in Quebec!

Quebec leads the country in rebates for homeowners and businesses for the purchasing of electric cars and electric car chargers. With Ontario having ended its rebate program Quebec now leads with rebates on purchase of electric cars, purchase of electric car chargers and installation of electric car chargers. Also, some cities are starting to add rebates in addition to the provincial rebates. Some rebates already existing:

● Up to $8000 on purchase or lease of eligible vehicles
● Up to $600 for purchase and installation of a charging station at your home
● Up to $5000 per connector to install charging stations for company or employee vehicles
● City of Dorval offers a rebate of 50% up to $500 to cover the purchase & installation of a
level 2 charging station

For more details please visit

Electric vehicles also save you money on fuel consumption

● City of Dorval offers a rebate of 50% up to $500 to cover the purchase & installation of a
level 2 charging station
● Sherbrooke Quebec offers $500 incentive to facilitate the purchase and Installation of Level
2 Charging station
● Granby, Quebec offers 25% up to $250 to facilitate the purchase & Installation of a level 2
charging Station
● Prevost, Quebec offers up to $100 to facilitate the purchase & Installation of a level 2
charging Station

For more details please contact each municipality directly

According to Hydro Quebec’s online savings calculator the potential for savings on fuel consumption is $1677 based on an annual mileage of 20,00km, a vehicle energy consumption of 21KWH per 100km for electric powered and a fuel consumption of 7.1 litres for a gas powered vehicle. This is significant yearly savings and when you factor in lesser maintenance, the dollars saved becomes substantial on a yearly basis. Mind Blowing Technology If you are an early adopter of modern technology the allure of an electric car could be for you!
Tesla is leading with technological advances from preheating /cooling, autonomous driving to software updates. These kinds of features are going to appeal to the tech savvy consumer.

Montreal electric car customers

One advantage to Montreal electric car customers is the developments in All wheel drive technology. Electric motors give more control of power or brake torque at individual wheels which can give even more control in snow and ice then comparative all wheel drive gas model cars.

Replacing your engine with a battery and motor gives A LOT more room for storage. With no engine space can be maximised. Most electric cars will have the batteries located somewhere they don’t impinge or luggage or passenger storage space. If you have made the decision to purchase an electric car, read our next blog post

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