Electrician Services dedicated to your Residence in Montreal and Laval

Electrika offers you a wide range of electrician services specifically dedicated to the needs of your residence in Montreal and Laval. Our experienced team performs your installation, repair and renovation of electrical systems according to the standards in force since 2004. Call us for all your projects:

Our Work is 100% Guaranteed

Service warranty

Electrical system and panel warranty

Equipment and fixture warranty

Fair, Set Prices

We promise straightforward, fair, upfront pricing. We also offer convenient payment terms, senior citizen discounts, and written warranties. You always pay the price agreed at the start, no matter what.

Respectful of the the Environment

Electrika utilizes energy-efficient products and installation methods. Moreover, we can install an electric vehicle charging station. We will evaluate the possibilities and advise you on the various models of chargers.

Together, Let’s Protect your Home

You can rest easy knowing that all the electrical accessories installed in your home are reliable and safe. It’s our way of helping you protect your investment. We can also upgrade your electrical panel so you can take full advantage of your home appliances and new technologies. Finally, Electrika is a leader in the installation of surge protection systems.