The perfect heater that fits in (almost) every part of your home and 7 reasons why you’re
going to love it!

Over the last 15 years we have installed almost every type of electric heater in almost every type of Montreal home. That’s a lot of heaters! Recently the heating manufacturers have come out with a new type of electric heating…. The Radiant heater. Radiant heaters produce enveloping heat that is constant and uniform that mimic the natural warming effect of the sun and they do this on the coldest darkest winters day.

Here’s why you’re going to love them


1. They fit almost anywhere


Radiant heaters come in all shapes and sizes from the standard shaped “ baseboard heater” to the retangular “convector style”. Units that fit in corners are available and there are units that can be placed high up on the wall close to the ceiling and project the heat downwards.


2. They are super smart


Convectair’s opera model comes with an absence detector which allows the heater to know if somebody is in the room, if it does not detect presence it will gradually decrease the heat by a few degrees.
It also has an open window sensor which detects drastic drops in temperature and will shut the heater off so as not to waste energy. Most heaters would continue to run at full power to try and remedy the situation , but the “super smart opera” turns off until you reset it!


3. They will save you $$


Radiant electric heaters using the combination of direct and diffused heat will make you feel more comfortable while using less energy than traditional baseboard heaters. With radiant heaters you’re saving energy which saves you money while increasing your comfort. They also have programming capability built into the heater. The programming capability allows you to adjust the heating to your schedule.


4. Installation is Easier!


Now you may be thinking that you are not going to install them so why would the installation concern you?It involves less wiring and less wiring means less holes for us electricians to get the wires into the necessary position and less holes means a cleaner neater installation with less repairs for you the homeowner. Unlike traditional baseboard heaters in which a digital wall thermostat is recommended for most efficient operation the Opera by Convectair has the thermostat built in to the unit so instead of wiring being ran to both the wall thermostat and the heater the Opera only requires it at the heater


5. They are Super Safe!


Many years ago my wife and I woke to our smoke alarm blaring at 5am, it turns out that our infant son had put a plastic toy into our bathroom baseboard heater. The heater was off at the time and then came on at its programmed time, melting the small toy, creating a terrible smell and a surprising amount of smoke. Baseboard heater elements are easily accessible to little hands or objects or LEGO! The Opera heating elements are inaccessible to little fingers or small objects, have rounded corners so your child can’t injure themselves on a sharp edge, thermostats are lockable so they cannot be interfered with by curious little hands, and they come with a thermal cutout to stop the heater from overheating.


6. They are good looking!


The Opera is handsome but the Impresario is beautiful with its tempered glass, sleek and stylish design guaranteed to fit in with your homes decor. Gone are the heaters that you are trying to hide, you will want to show everybody your new impresario


7. They are completely Silent


The sophisticated heating technology of the radiant heaters don't require a fan to circulate the heat resulting in complete silence… No noisy, irritating fan heater huffing and puffing in the corner just complete serene silence. Furthermore they are equipped with a monobloc heating element, which eliminates any crackling noises such that are heard from older baseboard heaters.

While not all radiant heaters have all the features available on every model, there is one for almost every home and budget. If you want to increase your comfort while saving on your energy bill consider a radiant heater for your home.