Home Automation

Home Automation System in Montreal and Laval

Have you ever wanted to turn your heat up without getting out of bed, or check to see if your front door is locked when you arrive at the office? Having your house equipped with a home automation system in Montreal and in Laval allows all of this and more… Call on Electrika’s experienced electricians for a safe and compliant installation that will make your everyday life easier than ever before!

The Internet of things

As technology and internet capabilities have improved, home automation has evolved as well. Now everyday items have an internet connection. The Internet of Things has begun to make its way into our homes and it is important to entrust the implementation of these automated residential systems to experts who know the operation of these devices.

At Electrika, we continually update our skills and certifications to ensure your home remains on the cutting edge of energy-efficient technologies. After all, we are the only company in Greater Montreal that specializes exclusively in residential electricity.

Conveniently Control your Home

Home automation means you’ll be able to remotely control several key parts of your home, such as heating and lighting, which will save you money on electricity bills. These are subtle, but important ways to modernize your home. Plus, it’s an exceptionally easy way to keep an eye on it.

Home Safety from your Home

Home automation is a major asset for your home security. From your smartphone, you can check that no door has been opened in your absence, turn on the security lights as soon as it gets dark, and even watch the cameras installed on your property. This level of control and awareness can provide a sense of security for your home you may not have known you were missing.

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The house of Tomorrow, Today

Equipping your home with smart systems is an area of expertise for our Residential Electricians.