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Are you tired of being cold in your own home? At Electrika, our electricians take into consideration your living environment to ensure you get the best advice on electric heating in Montreal and Laval. Call one of our agents to discuss your home heating. Efficient and easy to maintain, the following appliances and heating accessories may well be suitable for you:

Baseboard Heaters

The most popular form of electrical heating in Quebec is the traditional baseboard heater. Baseboard heaters are just a few inches from the floor and are usually near windows, outside walls or a cold wall. The principle is relatively simple and effective: by heating the air nearest the coldest parts of the home, the heat is carried into the center of the room by air currents, and quickly brings the room to a comfortable temperature.

Electrika carries a large range of electrical baseboard heaters, ranging from 500-2500 watts of heat per device. A significant advantage of baseboard heaters is that they allow for independently heated rooms. Electrical heating this way directly translates to savings on your utilities, as rooms used less often can be kept cooler, unlike with central heating. As well, aside from basic household cleaning, such as dusting every other week, electrical baseboard heaters are mostly maintenance free.

Electronic Thermostats

Do you still have your old bimetal thermostat? Like many Montrealers, you would be better off turning it in for a state-of-the-art electronic thermostat, which is much more precise. You will see your electricity bill get lighter! In addition, electronic thermostats have a control device to keep room temperatures at a comfortable level. Electrika has several models, several of which are programmable so you can maintain set temperatures for predetermined hours. Hydro Quebec currently offers a rebate on replacing your conventional bi-metal thermostats to electronic.

Convection Heaters

Electric convectors are an extremely efficient heating solution. According to the principle of convection, the cold air is aspirated through the grid at the bottom, then released through the top after being heated by the convector elements. The air temperature in the room warms up almost immediately. These systems are quiet and do not dry out the ambient air.

Heated Floors

Electric heated floors are the ultimate in home comfort. They release gentle, enveloping heat that surrounds you and the room in a blanket of perfect comfort. Underfloor heating works with a variety of floor coverings, making each installation a unique, individual solution to give your home that custom touch. As well, underfloor heating is almost entirely maintenance free, and like baseboard heaters, allow for per-room control.

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