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Spa and Pool Electrical System in Montreal and Laval

Many do not realize that any electrical system for a pool, spa, or hot tub must be installed and tested by a certified and licensed electrician, as outlined by the Canadian Electrical Code and the Quebec Construction Code. Electrika believes that the best investment we can make for our clients is their safety, and as such is an accredited and licensed provider for spa and pool electrical systems in Montreal and in Laval. We respect the standards to the letter, which guarantees the quality of the work done.

Properly installed Electrical Systems

Your spa should be a place of absolute relaxation and you should not have to worry about the quality of the electrical system installation. By the same token, you should be able to dive into your well-lit swimming pool with peace of mind. Good news: our electricians have specialized training and have passed high-calibre certification exams in order to be able to do this kind of work safely. With Electrika, the installation of your electrical system is carried out by the best experts in the field, nothing less!

Through Inspection of your Current Systems

In addition, our specialists can perform a rigorous inspection of the components and wiring of your existing electrical system. This kind of service is particularly appreciated by our customers who want to make sure that the spa, hot tub or pool at their new home is totally safe. If we detect an anomaly that contravenes the Canadian Electrical Code and the Quebec Construction Code, we will make a competitive bid to allow you to modify your system to meet current standards. This will ensure you have a safe system.

Our Swimming Pool, SPA, and Hot Tub Services include:

  • Pool pump circuits and connections
  • Pool heater circuits and connections
  • Pool panel installation
  • Salt water controller installation
  • Pump surge protection
  • Pool light replacement
  • Low voltage lighting transformers
  • Pool pump timers
  • Pool grounding
  • GFI protection
  • Outdoor GFI plugs
  • Pool, spa and hot tub safety inspections

Have you invested in a pool, spa or hot tub? Make an appointment with one of our experts for a consultation for a new installation or verification of an existing system.

Water and Electricity, working together

All Circuits and Connections to your Pool or Hot Tub must be completed by an Electrician.