The advantage of this pricing method is that you know precisely what you are paying for and you know the total amount before any work is done. This avoids any unwanted surprises!

Alternatively, paying hourly rates can be a disadvantage as only estimates can be made. The rough projected amount of hours may not reflect the final tally. As well, hourly rates do not create incentive for efficiency. The longer they stay, the more you pay and if they make a mistake, you are ultimately paying the price!

We urge all customers, when you are hiring ANY trades person, to get your prices upfront and in writing. Furthermore, ensure that the tradespeople are certified, licensed, and insured. Don’t be shy to ask for references! Any company in good standing will be happy to share them with you. Finally, consider trusted consumer services like CAA-Quebec to ensure that your hard-earned money is being spent on quality. The cheapest quote often means inefficient and under-qualified workers.

Quality, safety, and reliability is what we are all looking for.