Understand Your Options

Before you start planning out your landscape lighting, take time to get familiar with the different lighting fixtures and their typical uses. You’ll probably want to incorporate the following types of lighting into your outdoor space:

Wash: This soft lighting is angled upward to illuminate flat or tall objects, such as garden walls, home facades and trees.

Bullet: This strong, focused lighting can be oriented upward to highlight features such as garden art, architectural details and tree trunks.

Well: This lighting is inset into the ground and aimed straight upward to illuminate the bases of buildings or trees.

Downlighting: This soft lighting is mounted high and aimed downward to reveal paths, plants or foliage.

Flood: This broad and powerful lighting can be used for security purposes, or it can light up larger buildings and trees.

Additionally, you can use garden lights, which are typically 18 to 24 inches high, to throw small circles of light downward onto your lawn or plants.

Pick the Ideal Lighting
When you’re choosing your landscape lighting, it’s important to select the optimal type of lighting for each feature. Bullet and wash lighting are popular choices for illuminating home facades, architectural details, trees and structures within gardens. Flood lighting can also help showcase garden features, structural focal points and trees. You can use downlighting and garden lighting to show off your plants and lawn, but use them sparingly to ensure that your entire yard isn’t uniformly illuminated.

Get Expert Help
Designing your own landscape lighting can make a great do-it-yourself project, but if you want the best possible results, consider hiring a Montreal electrician to complete the final lighting installation. A professional can ensure that the lighting and electrical wiring is installed effectively and safely, which can enable you to enjoy your beautiful landscape lighting without any unwanted complications.