Every year, as Christmas approaches, we hear horror stories about people who get seriously injured while decorating or become the victims of house fires caused by faulty electrical installations. At Electrika, your residential electricians in Montreal and Laval, we want to teach our customers about proper safety precautions that will keep you from spoiling the holiday season.


1. Inspect your wires and Christmas decorations before you plug them in
Are you about to enthusiastically plug in your assortment of sparkling Christmas decorations? Slow down! Take some time to verify a few things first. Your extension cords, for example—are they made for indoor or outdoor use? Are they in good condition? And your decorations—are they damaged? Are your bulbs cracked? Are any wires stripped? If you have doubts about any of your decorations, refrain from putting them up: instead, give yourself peace of mind and purchase some new, high-quality ones.

2. Put your decorations up away from any heat sources
You’ll avoid a lot of problems by keeping your Christmas decorations away from any heat sources in your home, such as fireplace, baseboards and space heaters. Does this mean you should hang your stockings elsewhere than on the mantelpiece? The answer: yes! According to expert electricians, you need to leave at least one metre between your stockings and the fireplace.

3. Always turn off your Christmas display before you go to bed
Exhausted from a full day, many homeowners go to bed forgetting (or intentionally neglecting) to turn off their Christmas decorations. Does this sound like you? Well, it’s a bad idea. Not only is it unnecessarily expensive to keep your house lit for the benefit of no one but the stars—and a few night workers—but it also increases the chances of a fire while you sleep. This year, be careful and find a way to not forget to turn off your decorations (by setting a phone reminder, for example).

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At Electrika, our electricians are at your service and close to you! Have an electrical emergency? Day or night, 7 days a week (even holidays), you can call us and we’ll come to the rescue. On that note, we’d like to wish you the happiest of holidays!