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Your home renovation budget should include Lighting

Ask any interior designer what one of the biggest mistakes their clients make and most often their reply will be: skimping on Lighting in a budget.

The reverse is most often true that by *just* investing in lighting, you can ultimately re-define your space.

To curate your space, consider your lighting as though it were the jewelry in your home. Lighting is not just a perfunctory thing, it can act as a focal point (where the fixture itself is a functional art piece, like over a dining room table); it can define where the action takes place in a space (think large pendants over counter-top dining areas); and it can enhance the details of that space indirectly (think cabinet lighting, wall art, and architectural details like crown mouldings).

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You can break down lighting into three different categories: Overhead, Task, and Accent Lighting. And never underestimate the power of a dimmer switch: consider this switch to be the volume setting of your room.

A well designed space normally incorporates each tier of lighting and considers the natural light of that room as well.  Invest in lighting and your space takes shape in a dramatic and polished look.

Here’s a bit more pendant inspiration (all lights can be purchased at – click through picture for link):

Tom Dixon Beat ::  Foscarini Aplomb Suspension :: Rio Pendant by Jonathan Adler for Robert Abbey

Finally, we get calls daily about whether we will “just” install a light. Of course we do! No job is too small for us.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability