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Tee-time with Electrika and Captain Electric

Earlier this summer, before we had a blogging platform, we gathered up some of our Electrika Team and invited our friends from Captain Electric (residential electricians based in Toronto, Ontario) out to UFO Golf in Laval.

We divided ourselves into Teams, pairing each group with a resident golf pro from Electrika.

Behold the teams, pre Tee-time, full of anxious excitement and maybe a little bravado (Annabelle lucked out with getting two golf pros).

Here is what we learned about Golf:

  • No matter how hard you swing: you probably won’t hit the ball
  • Golf Carts can suddenly make Golf look a lot more like Polo
  • If it calls for Thundershowers, bring an umbrella and it will not rain.
  • PAR whaaaaaaaaaaaat?… if you’re still counting after 9 swings… just pencil in the score 9… and move on.
  • That moment when you will celebrate your best hit and then find out that it’s not the right target
  • The grass IS always greener right before you rip it to shreds with your 5-iron
  • You wouldn’t have seen those baby ducklings if you hadn’t buried your ball in that stream
  • Behold the most French fries you’ve ever seen in your life at this post-game restaurant
  • A post-game beer is glorious
  • Suddenly push-ups seem like a way more arm-friendly exercise

We want to thank Captain Electric for joining us – we all had a great time. We’re looking forward to our next group event! Stay tuned!

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability