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Teambuilding at Paintball Mirabel

Photo thanks to Paintball Mirabel

Photo thanks to Paintball Mirabel

Our team arrives at the Electrika HQ before 7:00 a.m. every morning and we rotate our electricians on-call evenings and weekends. The moments we are all together are limited to the briefing & training in the morning (before we hit the road to service your home) and when we work in teams for larger home repairs, like rewiring.

Unlike “normal” offices, we’re often more in our customers’ homes than we are together.

So it’s important to us to cultivate team experiences where we’re breaking the ice, working as a team and having fun. We also want to get to know our co-workers partners and families – because these are the people they work so hard for! Over the summer we were able to get out for 9 holes of golf and last weekend we took our team and their significant others out for a day at Paintball Mirabel.

SO MUCH FUN. We learned a few new things about each other:

Some of us crash around in the forest like Wild Turkeys…

Some of us are weirdly agile for their lanky 6’4” frame…

Some of us can still win when all their teammates are out…

Some of us might re-think our bright shoes and gloves next time…

Some of us volunteer for very undesirable positions in a game…

Some of us go-pro with finesse…

A few insights I gained:

  1. It’s an excellent way to break the ice and get to know one another – no conversation starters about the weather. You’re relaying moment to moment experiences after each game and laughing about all of it.
  2. Army-crawling through leaves, sand, under log piles, up towers, in crevices, and small spaces gave me a personal glimpse of what it might feel like for our electricians to work in small crawl spaces and attics in homes. Also, I’m convinced this gave our electricians an unfair advantage going in to the games!
  3. As it is with your homes, Safety First is rule #1 with Paintball
  4. Yes, it hurts… but you get over it. Just don’t plan on hitting the beach or the pool the following week…
  5. It’s important to keep moving, but knowing when to move is key. Communication, patience, agility and integrity are all a big part of the game.

Finally we would like to give a huge thanks to the staff at Paintball Mirabel: our initial organizer Enza for so excellently organizing our day and to our animators, Adriano and Felix for keeping us all laughing and in high spirits throughout the day.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability