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Product Spotlight: Convectair Radiant Heater Series

Convectair Impresario Radiant

Convectair Impresario Radiant Heater


Radiant heat produces bodily warmth like that of the sun’s rays. This creates comforting hot spots yet evenly distributes heat at the same time. If you suffer from feeling cold all the time in your home, radiant heaters will deliver the relief you need from the winter cold.

Radiant heaters operate with cutting-edge absence detector technology: a sensor that will automatically turn down the heat when it feels you have left the room and turn back up when you re-enter. The heaters have built-in programming and settings that you can select for energy savings, including an on demand function that detects if a window is open.  In today’s market it is the most effective heat designed to keep you warm and save you money.

The aesthetics of the Opera and Impresario radiant heater series are designed to fit in any area of your home, including vertical units that can fit in awkward corners in rooms with little wall space. The Opera heaters have a honeycombed exterior, so the heating element can better diffuse soft heat throughout the room. The Impresario has a low-thermal-mass tempered glass exterior, in order to diffuse heat for long periods of time; and the glass facade comes in many different colours.

If you are interested in the radiant heater series, get a recommendation from one of our electrician’s to help you select the best option for your home’s specific needs.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability