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Power outage in a Montreal home? Here are your next steps.

Hydro Quebec Power Outage Map

Hydro Quebec Power Outage Map

We’re entering the time of year where we receive the most emergency calls for loss of power or heat. And emergencies like to happen at the most inconvenient of times!

A common emergency is the loss of power in only parts of a home. You could see signed of this with some of your larger appliances not working efficiently; dimming or partial lighting; only receiving power in some outlets; no power at all in some rooms etc.

For a whole home power outage, the first step is to call Hydro Quebec at 1.800.790.2424. They will confirm and inform you of any reported outages in your area. You can also visit the Hydro Quebec Service Interruption Page.

If there are no reports, they will instruct you to call a Master Electrician. (That’s us!) Before you call us, we recommend you check with your neighbors and confirm if their service is also affected, because it is not an uncommon occurrence that the local outage has not yet been reported to Hydro-Québec.

If the outage is only in your home, you must call a Master Electrician to verify if the issue is with Hydro-Québec or with your equipment. Once our electrician diagnoses the issue or issues, he will either call Hydro-Québec to get their crew to fix any issues with their equipment or he will fix it on the spot if the issue is with your equipment.

In the interim, take the following steps to protect your home from power surges and other factors:

  • turn off any large appliances (washer/dryer/stovetop)
  • unplug all computers and sensitive electronic equipment
  • keep fridge closed to conserve food from spoiling
  • and leave some lights on so that you will know when power is restored

To avoid the inconvenience of a power outage, consider installing an alternate energy provider like a generator. If you’re interested in purchasing and installing a generator for your home, give us a call! We will set up an appointment for your own consultation.

Call us at 514.768.7778. We have live people ready to answer your call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability