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In addition to our standard services, we also offer carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation.

You Can Trust Electrika’s Expert Electricians With Your Electrical Project.

We provide and install reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These detectors help keep your home safe and provide an early warning against a fire or potentially hazardous build up of carbon monoxide.

Late night electrical gremlin? Early morning energy emergency? We’re here for you! We’re ready to serve you any time of the day!

Our services are backed by a our warranty for at least 3 years.

We believe in a personal touch approach to making ourselves known in the market. Referral and repeat business is important to us. We want every customer to be 100% satisfied with our service and work. We are confident that we meet this goal and that is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided, we will refund all of your money.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re serious about customer service. Our repair/diagnostic work is backed by our 100% guarantee.

Watch our video to learn more about how our expert electricians can handle your electrical needs.

More Information About Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Electrika is proud to provide our clients with installation and maintenance assistance with the most important aspect of our business: client safety. While many homes have smoke detectors, there are other dangers that can be easily defended against with proper detection devices. Some household chemicals, when they burn, do not emit any smoke at all, and would go undetected by an older, ill maintained smoke detector.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide (also known as CO) is an invisible, tasteless, scentless gas that you could be exposed to at any time in your own home without knowing. That is why Electrika recommends having at least one CO detector in each bedroom in your home. We also recommend installing an alarm that not only gives an audible alarm, but a visual one as well, to ensure that the alarm is acknowledged and you can evacuate quickly and safely.

The most common source of CO gas is an improperly installed or damaged gas appliance, such as a gas powered range or oven, a damaged water heater, and other appliances that use natural gas in your home. As well, improper ventilation in your garage can allow CO gas to enter into your home, especially in the colder winter months when we all want to warm up our cars a short while before braving Montreal’s icy roads.

Smoke Detectors

Having a smoke detector and alarm is an extremely important addition to the safety of you and your family. Electrika offers installation and maintenance on cutting edge smoke detection and alarm systems, including interconnected alarms.

In decades past, smoke detectors and alarms were individual units, each triggered when their alarm conditions were met. This meant that a fire could have already cut off any possibility of escape before the alarm nearest you went off, signalling a fire. With interconnected alarms, when one smoke detector and alarm is triggered, all the alarms in the network signal simultaneously, giving you the precious seconds you need to ensure you and your family can escape calmly and safely. Call us at any time to speak with one of our expert electricians.

We also offer a full carbon monoxide and smoke detection interconnected alarm system, which ties both detectors into one alarm network. It is important to note that most smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have an average lifespan of five (5) years, and that the battery should be replaced yearly. As well, we highly recommend testing all your alarm and detection systems at least monthly.

Customer Comments & Testimonials

We’ve worked hard to build our honest reputation. We take customer feedback seriously. Have a look at what some of our customers are saying about us.

S.C. – Montreal
Je remercie tout le personnel d’Electrika qui a fait un excellent travail chez moi. Dès leur première visite, les électriciens m’ont mise en confiance par leur compétence et leur courtoisie. Par la suite, j’ai pu aussi apprécier leur ardeur au travail, leur honnêteté et leur bonne humeur. Enfin, je voudrais souligner l’amabilité de la réceptionniste.

Nancy & Peter – Notre Dame de Grace
Dear John & Everyone at Electrika, I am writing in order that we can formally thank you and your wonderful team for the super work that you did in our home. Everyone on the electrika team was well informed courteous, professional, and efficient. We are so glad (and relieved) to have such a reliable company, and we would be more then happy to act as a refferral resource for any of your future clients. All the best to you.

A.E. Cuerdan – Dollard des Ormeaux
Thank you so much for making your job a pleasure to me. It is so rare to be given prompt reliable, courteous, and above all quality service these days – especially in the realms of home repair. You really just make my day-by making what I thought would be a huge ordeal one less thing I had to worry about. I will definately be making a point of letting my family and friends know about you. Kind Regards & Many Thanks again.

We Guarantee Our Product And Our Work

We are proud to back our work and parts, to give you peace of mind when protecting you and your investment.

We Guarantee our Work

At Electrika we pride ourselves on our electrical work, and want you to know that when you trust our technicians you are getting the best service Electrika can offer you. That is why we offer guarantees on our services, parts, and ensure that our technicians are professional and courteous when they come to your home.

We believe in a personal touch approach to making ourselves known in the market. Referral and repeat business is important to us. We want every customer to be 100% satisfied with our service and work. We are confident that we meet this goal and that is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Service & Repair Guarantee

Simply put: if you aren't 100% satisfied with your Electrika experience, please call us and we will work to resolve your concerns. If we are unable to do so, we will refund the service amount.

This extends beyond the repair and into the service experience as well. If our Electricians smoke or swear in your home, we will refund your service; if our electricians fail to respect your space or clean up once they have completed the repair, we will refund your service.

If a repair fails within the first year, we will refund your service.

We hope you can see that your satisfaction is our priority.

We guarantee that your electrical panel and main service replacement project will be completed on or before the date we have promised. We guarantee our workmanship for a period of ten years. If your panel or service gives you any trouble at any time during that period, we will repair the problem free of charge. We guarantee that all materials used will be as specified and up to the code in our area. And we guarantee to protect the condition of your home.

We guarantee that the equipment and/or fixtures we supply and install in your home will perform as we have stated. If any equipment or fixture fails during normal use in the first three years we will either repair or replace the item at no charge to you. Light bulbs are not covered by the above warranty. Warranty for electronic equipment such as GFCIs, dimmers, and electronic thermostats, is for one year only unless a primary surge protection is installed. With the installation of a surge protector, a three-year warranty is in place.


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