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Electrical Safety — How to Prevent an Electrical Fire

Every year, home electrical fires cause extensive property damage and countless personal injuries. Statistics on the number of electrical fires that occur annually in Canada are limited, but one well-established fact is that most of these fires are preventable. At Electrika, we specialize in electrical safety, which is why we encourage homeowners in Montreal to take the following steps to prevent home electrical fires.

Minimize Strain on Electrical Sockets

When electrical outlets, power strips or extension cords are overburdened, the risk of an electrical fire increases significantly. Make sure to avoid plugging too many appliances into a single socket. For added protection, invest in power strips that detect dangerous loads and shut off to prevent overheating.

Address Fire Hazards

Flammable clutter near electrical appliances or electrical cords is a common cause of fires. Carpeting, blankets and towels are just a few seemingly innocent household items that can easily start fires. Make sure to keep the areas near space heaters, lighting fixtures and hair straighteners or dryers clear of clutter. Additionally, avoid concealing extension cords and cables under rugs or other materials that can catch fire easily.

Monitor Signs of Trouble

Regular inspections of your electrical system can also help prevent fires. Keep an eye out for obvious signs of trouble, including plugs that are broken or wiring that is worn. These damaged elements can cause sparks and fires. You should also be on the lookout for the following signs, which can indicate shorts or bad wiring:

  • Buzzing noises
  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent sparks
  • Tripped breakers
  • Overheated elements

If you notice these signs, or if you live in an older house, it’s best to invest in a professional inspection of your wiring to determine whether it needs replacing.

Fix Problems Promptly

If you discover any of these issues on your own or during a professional inspection, don’t delay having them fixed. Most of these problems have the potential to cause sparks and fires at any time. Instead of risking these outcomes, make sure to hire a qualified electrician in Montreal to ensure that your home and personal safety are fully protected.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability