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The Importance of Electrical Safety

We know more than anyone the capability and power of electricity. That is why we are quick to stress the importance of adhering to electrical safety best practices.

Electricity can be dangerous

Because of the nature of electricity, it can be hard to observe a dangerous situation until it is too late. Unfortunately, very rarely will you receive a warning if you are about to short circuit a device or touch an electrified object.

Electrical Shocks Can Kill You
While not all shocks are fatal, know that the wiring running through your home is 240 volts and of sufficient amperage to seriously harm or kill you.

Overloaded Outlets Can Be Fire Hazards
One characteristic of electricity is that, when run through an object that provides resistance (such as a metal plug), it generates heat. The greater the resistance, the higher the potential temperature.

The more devices connected to a single circuit, and especially a single outlet, the greater the draw will be on that particular spot. Overloaded electrical outlets have caused many fires.

Always follow these three simple rules:

  1. Never approach an exposed wire, sparking outlets, or any kind of electrical device that appears to be damaged.
  2. Whenever you need to work on an something electrical, such as changing a light switch or replacing a light fixture, always disable the circuit from the electrical panel. Be sure to test that the circuit is disabled before beginning any electrical work.
  3. Ensure all electrical work in your home meets appropriate codes.

In short, applying some proactive thinking towards electricity is a great way to ensure that you remain safe from electrical hazards.

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