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Terms Used by Electricians

We understand that sometimes our Electricians use terms that you may not recognize. Below is a list of the most common terms & phrases used by Electricians:

  • Breaker box / Electrical Panel / Circuit Panel / Breaker Panel / Circuit Breaker – This panel controls all the circuits in your home as well as the incoming power. In the event that a circuit overloads, the circuit will be automagically broken by the electrical panel (hence the term, breaker box or circuit breaker).
  • Circuit – A word that describes the electrical wiring, switches, and hardware that make up a complete electrical circuit.
  • Fuse box – This is similar to a breaker panel with the major difference that it uses fuses instead of circuit breakers to regulate power.
  • Ohm – A unit that measures electrical resistance.
  • Outlet – A port in a wall or appliance that allows you plug in electrical devices so they can receive power.
  • Short circuit – When the current on a circuit exceeds its load capacity.
  • Wire gauge – The thickness of a wire. The lower the number, the thicker the wire. 6 gauge wire is considerably thicker than 16 gauge wire, for example.
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