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Electrical Panel Basics

Your electrical panel is designed to be easy to use and understand. However, many people do not realize the potential danger that exists as a result of the misuse of abuse of an electrical panel.

Always Practice Safety, and Never Operate a Damaged Electrical Panel
Your electrical panel contains live electrical connections at voltages that are very dangerous. If your electrical panel is damaged, do not touch it. Contact us right away.

What do electrical panels do?

An electrical panel manages all of the individual circuits throughout your home. Your panel may use fuses, though all modern electrical panels found in Montreal & Laval homes use breakers.

Electrical panels primarily act as a way to manage electrical states in your home. It allows you to activate/disable circuits as needed, as well as to facilitate wiring in new circuits.

Their secondary and equally important function is safety: if an electrical fault or power surge occurs, the breakers on the panel will “trip” and disable that circuit (or, if your panel uses fuses, the fuse will burn out).

Only an electrician should be manipulating your electrical panel

In Quebec, only electricians are legally allowed to carry out work on your electrical panel.

Your electrical panel is not a toy. We have seen instances where homeowners have attempted to add new circuits to their electrical panel. The results are often disastrous.

We cannot stress enough the importance of proper electrical safety, and how important it is that all electrical work is done by a qualified electrician.

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