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Change the clock, change the batteries

Standard maintenance of your smoke detectors is key in preventing potential tragedy to your home.

Many households use the Fall Back/Spring Forward time changes as the marker for testing smoke detector systems and/or changing out batteries. (They should be tested monthly, but batteries should be swapped out every six months).

Pro-tip: the best smoke detector system is a hard-wired interconnected system that have an independent battery back-up (in case of power outage) installed by an electrician (like us)!

Never replace batteries out with other batteries used around the house, only replace with new batteries. Even with the best of intentions, these small decisions can lead to tragic results.

There should be a minimum of one smoke detector per floor of your home and most importantly have detectors placed outside each bedroom.

Electrika proper smoke detector placement

Visit The City of Montreal Fire Prevention website, it contains fun, informative, interactive resources for families planning their fire safety.

How to test your smoke detectors:

  1. Tell all residents in your home that you are about to test the smoke detectors
  2. Change out the batteries with new ones
  3. Press the “Test” button: this ensures that the batteries are working, but does not ensure that the smoke detection is functioning
  4. Vacuum out collected dust in each alarm
  5. Take 2-3 wood burning matches, light them and blow them out in front of the detector. If this does not set off the alarm, your smoke detector does not work
  6. Replace all smoke detectors over 10 years old

After you have done all of this, ENJOY your added hour of sleep this weekend with real peace of mind.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability