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About a week ago we all hung up our Electrika uniforms, stashed away our blue boot covers, carefully stowed away our tools etc. and set out for a night out together with our plus ones to kick of the festive season with our own festivities.

I would like to take a moment to thank Industria Brasserie on behalf of our staff for being such gracious and uncompromising hosts to us all. Set in the heart of Griffintown, we benefited from the holiday lights twinkling through the skyline and enjoyed everything their menu had to offer.

Electrika XMas Party Collage

We shared stories, laughed easily, danced hilariously, and even managed to throw in an impromptu airplane folding competition. Generally, we decided that we all know how to have a good time and it was worth the post-party headaches.

Every year I promise myself to not get submerged into the overwhelm of the season, and every year it is a promise I end up breaking. Despite this, I am always able to be reminded that this season’s greatest gift is making the time to celebrate our crazy lives and appreciate all of those people involved in it.

I hope that you are able to have a few moments like this yourself during the holiday season.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability