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An Interview with John McElligott: Part II

(Part 2 of 3)

Transparency is a key value to our success at Electrika – we want you to know who we are, so that you don’t feel like you’re inviting a stranger into your home!

On that note, welcome back to our three part interview series with Electrika’s President and Master Electrician, John McElligott.

If you’re new to this series, you can head back to the start of the interview by clicking here.

 dingle_kerry 2000px-Island_of_Ireland_location_map_Kerry.svg

(Images of County Kerry via here and here)

You said you grew up on a farm, but where did you grow up?

John: I grew up in County Kerry, Ireland. A lot of what I bring to Electrika was instilled in me at a young age.

A: Right, like from the farm work?

John: My Dad ensured that everything was neat, clean and organized… even though it was a farm. All the machinery, the tractors, …everything was clean.”

A: But, farms ARE clean. Every time I have visited a farm it’s clean, it’s organized, it’s really not dirty. You know, if the farm is producing stuff to sell, it HAS to be clean and organized.

A: What did your farm produce?

John; Dairy. It was a dairy farm.

A: So you milked cows?

John: Yeah! You know we used to raise chickens, turkeys, sheep and sold them as well.


What was your favorite thing about your hometown?

John: My favorite thing was sports.

A: Sports?

John:  I loved sports. I played for all the local teams.

Editors’ note: John’s passion for sport has translated into sponsoring local Montreal Irish sports clubs, like the Montreal Irish Rugby Football Club and the Montreal GAA Shamrocks — Goose Village Black Rocks Team

John GAA

John with Ronan & Larry from the Montreal GAA

A: What did you play?

John: I played a lot of Gaelic Football, a lot of soccer, rugby… and I used to do cross country running.

A: Oh really? Actually I could see you being good at running. Which is probably how your knee is destroyed now.

John: All those years of running on the roads…. You know, one of my favorite things looking back was that everything I ate was from the farm. The taste of that food was beautiful.

A: It’s just like catching a fish right out of the sea, right?

J: Exactly. Organic right? But like Real Organic.

A; (Laughs) “Real Organic”. Local! Personally, my family always buys meat from local farms and the quality is so much better.

J: There is no comparison for the taste!

Monreal Irish Rugby

The Montreal Irish Rugby Team sending thanks after Electrika installed a new Scoreboard


What is one of your favorite places to visit?

J: I would have to say it’s The Ocean. I love being near the water.  I guess it’s that peace and tranquility.

A: Do you like lots of waves or stillness?

John: No, both!

A: Is Kerry by the water?

J: Yeah I grew up right by the Atlantic Ocean.


Find out in the final part of this interview what an electrician should always carry in their tool belt, what John cannot believe he’s seen over the last 10 years in Montreal homes and what relaxation looks like according to John.


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24/7 Emergency Availability