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An Interview with John McElligott: Master Electrician and President at Electrika Inc.


(Part 1 of 3)

As Marketing Manager (and friend), I have known John for the last ten years. It does not matter how long you have known a person, there are always areas of that person’s life that you do not know. I thought that it would be interesting to interview John, not only out of my own personal curiosity, but also because I thought it would give our customers a better idea of why Electrika Inc. was founded in the first place

In this three part interview series (separated for brevity) I can see that John’s work ethic, passion and desire for quality service started young, and this has provided the framework for our current operations and staffing decisions today.

Today, we are finding out how John came to be an electrician and what unimaginable hour he wakes up everyday and why.


Why did you decide to become an electrician?

J: I always loved working with my hands. The first thing I did was I went to school to become a Diesel Mechanic. I just loved figuring out things and using my hands. I love hands-on stuff.


And so, what were some of the jobs you held before you became an electrician?

John: I worked in a garage as a Diesel Mechanic.

A: Did you do that in Ireland or in the States?

John: In Ireland.

A: Oh, and when you moved to the U.S. did you learn to become an electrician there?

John. Yeah. I went to school in Boston and served my apprenticeship there.

A: And did you meet anyone that convinced you to become an electrician? Like was it something you just decided, like “Oh I’m going to become an electrician..” or…?

John: Well it’s funny, when I was in trades school to be a Diesel Mechanic, I was always looking into the electrical room because it intrigued me. I would think to myself ‘I think I would like that!’  I stuck through my studies, but I was always looking in to that room.


TalentandpassionMe: Oh, that’s interesting! What do you think makes an excellent electrician?


A: Passion!

John: You’ve got to have passion for what you do. You have got to love what you do and you know, you have got to have that desire to learn. I want my techs to always be learning, wanting to learn about New Technology, and not just to learn it but to know it.

A: Right. They’ve always got to be on top of it, like they’ve always got to be looking for new information out there.

John: Yeah. You know, I’m sorry but today I find that a lot of tradesman it’s all about the money, but they don’t love what they do. And I have always loved what I do.


What time do you wake up everyday?  (Quick aside: I already knew the answer before I asked the question)

John: 4:30 a.m.

A: (laughing) WHY?!!!

John: I think it’s a reflection of growing up on a farm.

A: Did you wake up every day at 4:30 a.m. on the farm?

John: Yes, not by choice always, it was my Dad’s choice.

A: So it’s just so ingrained in you that you can’t help it? Do you ever sleep in? Like on a weekend?”

John: “Well, I try to sleep in but… I guess I have too much going on in my head!”


(both laugh)

Find out next time where the farm that John grew up on was located, what he took away from farm work, and how that’s been instilled into the framework of Electrika Inc. today.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability