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All I want for Christmas is my Wi-Fi

Ah, bad WiFi. It will make you do strange things.


Image source credit: Whiskeyriff

Like that time I propped up my elbows on two pillows while I held my iPad at a 67.5 degree angle directed toward my opened bedroom door… nursing a cold  in bed, catching up on the latest Netflix.

Well, apparently it’s about to get a whole lot worse over the holiday season.

Many news outlets are reporting that bad WiFi can be attributed to your festive twinkly lights adorning your tree and home. (If this is true, it’s a good thing that Clark Griswold did not need to manage a router on top of everything else that year!)


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If you dive in a little deeper, you will find out that interior and exterior fairy lights are only a small part of the problem. In fact, as The Guardian reports, they’re only “Bad for WiFi” on a scale the report ranges from Terrible to Good. (Terrible being your Microwave, Good being your Christmas Tree)

Anything emitting an electromagnetic wave in your home is considered interference, as is Anything that absorbs those waves (like us! We humans like to absorb electromagnetic waves like WiFi)… so the best WiFi is a router that is placed in the middle of your home avoiding the worst of the those disturbances. Consider, if you can, installing your router on the ceiling in the middle room on the lower floor of your home.

Find a space that is not close to your microwave, other people’s routers (i.e. if you suspect your neighbor has placed their router close to yours), household appliances, and cordless phones.

If that’s not working, then maybe it’s time you kicked out all the humans in your home, donate your fairy lights, and remove all that insulation that keeps your home warm. After all… if you don’t have WiFi, there is no point in celebrating anything over the holidays. Right?

All joking aside, have no fear of stringing up your holiday lights, just be aware of where your router is placed and if you’re experiencing chronic issues, it would be worthwhile to re-locate it. And don’t forget: never underestimate the power of the Restart Button.

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