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I was deep into nesting mode during my last trimester of my pregnancy when I noticed the puddle of water on my wardrobe. Stunned, I swiped at the water and rubbed it in between my fingers. Resting my laundry on the floor, I looked around for its possible source, finally landing on a small water drop forming on the ceiling.

Taking a picture with my phone, I sent it to my husband (who is an electrician). A few minutes later he arrived home and literally punched through the water droplet and into a very wet ceiling that sent a cascade of melted snow into our bedroom. Nothing like an open ceiling, attic debris, roof dirt and a bat in the middle of February to send a pregnant woman into panic. New roof?


Well, we all do. That’s just one thing you absolutely need when you are buying a home.

This how I understand electrical work. I answer calls throughout the week and think of new marketing campaigns with the understanding that electrical is never going to be included in the House Tour.

Every new customer call that I answer is a mixed bag of confusion, apprehension and aversion. Yes I can’t wait for my new pool! But do I REALLY have to install that 220 wire and connect the thermal pump? Yes, I can’t wait for my new kitchen! But, do I really have to upgrade my panel to accommodate all my new appliances?

I know, I get it. Electrical is such a drag. Personally, I don’t remember the last time I asked if my friend’s freshly painted walls were covering up beautiful new copper wiring!

Now let me make you feel better about spending your money on excellent electricians.


Just imagine for a second that you scrimp on the electrical, forgo that new panel, pretend you didn’t see the aluminium wiring or the knob and tube. You install your new kitchen and voila! Let’s have a dinner party with the money we saved!

Except half the recessed lights keep burning out. Your dishwasher shuts down the moment you plug in your toaster. Your dimmer lights feel hot to the touch. There’s a burning smell behind your walls. The smoke detector goes off every time you cook something or worse, it never goes off and you’ve just paid for a renovation that went up in flames. Fortunately nobody got hurt!

Or maybe you’re renovating to sell your home and so you cut corners on the electrical. At inspection they find all that aluminium you pretended not to see. Suddenly your potential buyer can’t get insured and you’ve lowered the negotiated price so that you don’t have to endure another renovation. Worse, the sale falls through because you need to demolish your new kitchen and re-do the wiring you should have done in the first place.

The awe-factor of great electrical is peace of mind. Once the dust has settled, you’ll start to feel a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude for investing in functionality, efficiency and safety. Your electrical might never make it on the house tour, but it will appear in the increased value of your home.

24/7 Emergency Availability
24/7 Emergency Availability