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Power outage in a Montreal home? Here are your next steps.

We’re entering the time of year where we receive the most emergency calls for loss of power or heat. And emergencies like to happen at the most inconvenient of times! A common emergency is the loss of power in only parts of a home. You could see signed of this with some of your larger appliances not working … READ MORE

Testimonial of the week – November 12

Testimonials are everything in a business like ours. We recognize how difficult a decision it is to invite a stranger into your home. Over a year ago we started asking our customers to leave their comments with us – not everyone has the time, but so far, we have received over 1000 comment cards back! … READ MORE

Light fixture love: Artmann Villedary Interiors Barnlight inspiration

Artmann Villedary Interiors is a local Montreal interior design team that assists clients in creating a space that looks good and enhances quality of life. Today, they are sharing their love for the classic barn light. A little bit of rustic mixed with modern provides a more balanced, less modernly austere, approach to any space. … READ MORE

Teambuilding at Paintball Mirabel

Our team arrives at the Electrika HQ before 7:00 a.m. every morning and we rotate our electricians on-call evenings and weekends. The moments we are all together are limited to the briefing & training in the morning (before we hit the road to service your home) and when we work in teams for larger home … READ MORE

My water tank: do I need a plumber or an electrician?

Nothing like starting your day with a COLD SHOWER to shock you into googling for help! The question is: who do you call? What’s making your water so cold? While we cannot give a diagnosis that is 100% accurate over the internet, we can direct you to your first call. First, how old is your … READ MORE

24/7 Emergency Availability
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24/7 Emergency Availability
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