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Change the clock, change the batteries

Standard maintenance of your smoke detectors is key in preventing potential tragedy to your home. Many households use the Fall Back/Spring Forward time changes as the marker for testing smoke detector systems and/or changing out batteries. (They should be tested monthly, but batteries should be swapped out every six months). Pro-tip: the best smoke detector … READ MORE

The Five Biggest Perks of Using an Electric Heating System

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s heating system in Montreal, you may be overwhelmed by all of your options. Although you do have many different options to pick from, at Electrika, there are several reasons why we think you should go with an electric heating system. 1. Low Heating Cost In the middle of … READ MORE

11 ways you can save on your Hydro Quebec bill this winter

When the temperature drops our energy costs rise during the bleak Montreal winters. Here are 11 ways you can manage your energy consumption in your home: Check for drafts around windows and doors. This is the quickest way to lose heat from your home. You can resolve this issue with new windows and doors that … READ MORE

Product Spotlight: Convectair Radiant Heater Series

Radiant heat produces bodily warmth like that of the sun’s rays. This creates comforting hot spots yet evenly distributes heat at the same time. If you suffer from feeling cold all the time in your home, radiant heaters will deliver the relief you need from the winter cold. Radiant heaters operate with cutting-edge absence detector technology: … READ MORE

The Showdown: Convector vs. Baseboard Heating

When it comes to replacing or installing electrical heaters, our clients often ask us “which are better: convector or baseboard heaters?” A baseboard heater is a long narrow appliance that pulls cold air in through the bottom, uses an element to heat it up, and creates a wide, slow-moving curtain of air that rises up the wall and accumulates at the ceiling. … READ MORE

Light fixture love: Lambert et Fils

We first discovered Montreal-based Lambert et Fils from local design blogger Lake Jane a few years ago. Now that we are blogging, we’re looking forward to featuring lighting that inspires your renovation projects. These light fixtures bring warmth to any space in your home with a modern spin. Or visit the Atomium, Cliff Suspension and … READ MORE

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