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BIG NEWS: The New Electrika HQ

After eight great years in our garage located on Saint Jacques, our company is bursting at the seams! We have found a new location that will fit our trucks (with room to grow). After this weekend, the Electrika Headquarters will be located at: 365 Avenue Georges V, Lachine, Qc  H4S 4L3 We are really looking … READ MORE

Five signs it is time to change your electrical panel

If you have just moved in or if you are starting to experience some strange electrical activity in your home, take a look at your electrical panel. Look for the following signs: RUST Rust shows signs of water penetration, which may compromise the operation of your circuit breakers. OVER 25 YEARS OLD After 25 years, … READ MORE

Tee-time with Electrika and Captain Electric

Earlier this summer, before we had a blogging platform, we gathered up some of our Electrika Team and invited our friends from Captain Electric (residential electricians based in Toronto, Ontario) out to UFO Golf in Laval. We divided ourselves into Teams, pairing each group with a resident golf pro from Electrika. Behold the teams, pre … READ MORE

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24/7 Emergency Availability
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